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Subject: Experimenting with Kid BrotherYou must be of legal age to read this story. This is all in fun and I am
not a professional writer so please get light and no need to let me know
I am not a professional. Do support so we may keep this
wonderful site up and running. Read my more the 100 other stories in
Nifty under Authors go to kevinmjo. To write the Author
To meet the Author go to Agora gay bar in Montreal Friday's 7 to 9 PM ask
for Kevin Kelly. Agora on Rue MacKay down from Rene Levesque in Montreal. I was 20 years old a tall thin well hot young lolita blondes built blonde. I lived in my own
first apartment had a decent job and the car of my dreams. Life was
going so good for me at the moment I didn't think it could get any
My Dad had called and asked me if I could take my kid Brother Jimmy in
for two weeks? dad was going on a business trip and didn't
t want to leave jimmy in the house alone all that time. Of course I
agreed I always got along with Jimmy and the company would be good.
Jimmy was also little lols 2 view tall blonde and a real hot looking guy with the sense
of humor to pull it all together He'd been really working out the last
year and His body was perfectly toned up. His tan was like copper and
even all over his body which made his blonde hair all the more good
looking. I had only the one bed room and so Jimmy was supposed to use the
sofa while here the two weeks. The first night Jimmy was sitting on the
chair opposite me on the sofa. He hand on just work out shorts other wise
he was naked. I noticed as we talked that when he moved his leg in a
certain way He would expose his bare cock to me. He didn't have on any
underwear. I never said anything as it was kind of neat looking at his
cock and balls and Him not knowing I was.
The TV was playing but we were more into our talk. Then Jimmy said
he had over heard two guys talking in the gym about the male prostrate.
My interest peaked at hearing that and I sat up asking him what he had
over heard them saying about it? Jimmy well the one guy said that he
found that when He jacked off if He put his finger up into his hole He
hit a spot in there that really increase the pleasure of his cuming. The
other guy said He had been massaging his own prostrate a long time and
now every time he beat off He would massage up his own hole and really
get the major thrills." I was getting turned on myself and looking up
Jimmy's pant legs I saw his own cock stretching long and inflating. Jimmy
went on that the first guy said he bet it would feel great to have
somebody doing that for You. Then a long silence and Jimmy heard the
second guy say "You want to stop by my place and exotic nude lolita art try it?
I said to Jimmy 'Cool so I guess they went lolita nudes top sites and tried it. Hell
nothing wrong with that. Two buddies helping each other get off? Jimmy's
eyes grew large and he said "Really You don't think there is anything
wrong with two guys putting their fingers up each others butts?
I said "Jimmy if it is in the privacy of their won place and it turns
them both on so they both enjoy it? Then what's the harm? Besides I've
found out about the pleasures of massaging You prostrate while you beat
off and I love doing it to myself"
Jimmy reached down and pulled at his shorts to free his balls which
now gave me a perfect view of his nice hard long cock and his blonde
pubic hairs my own cock was hard as Hell. Jimmy had this smile on his
face now and he was thinking. He said "So tell me Kevin how do you do
this thing to yourself? I've been curious ever since I heard them two
talking about it. I cleared my throat and began. "Well, at night in bed I
jerk my hard dick with my right hand reach under my balls with my left
and with some KY on my finger I push it up inside me and I run my finger
on the prostrate and that sends all kinds of thrill from my balls right
up into my cock and I blow a monster load of cum."
Jimmy said "Wow sounds like it would be hot. I am surprised I never
heard of doing that? I said "Well now that You know about it I've got
some KY in the bed room We could do like those guy's at the gym if Yo
want? he looked at me then gave me a handsome smile ear candid lolita upskirt pic
to ear saying
'Hell Bro. You know me I am always open to new things. OK let's do it
Bro." he stood up and his thin shorts were all tented out I looked at the
bulge and he smiled saying 'Yea looks like this little talk got Us both
in the mood? He was pointing at my own tented pants.
I wasn't sure just how far Jimmy was willing to go in experimenting
but if I played my cars just right there was a good chance I would be
showing him more then really lolitas nude photos what a finger feels like up his virgin hole.
IN the bed room Jimmy was going on all nervous while I was taking
off my shoes and socks. He was saying "Now let's get this straight Bro.
You and I are going to actually finger fuck each other so You can show me
that thing up there and I can show you on You own ass if I am hitting it
just right? I was pulling down my briefs now exposing my bare hard nearly
7 inch uncut cock to him. I slowly pulled back the foreskin to let him
have a look at my exposed cock head and answered his question in the
affirmative. I stepped up to him with a hand on each side of the waist
band I pulled down his shorts and his own hard 7 inch beautiful cock
slapped free. The thing was like the rest of His body perfect. a big
nice knob head cut a thick shaft that bent to the left and two big hairy
balls. I wanted so much to touch it but was afraid to freak him out if I
moved too fast. I knew once I had my finger up inside him massaging his
prostrate I would be able to go further?
I laid my blonde handsome stud Brother on the bed on his back I came
up to him so Our two ass holes were facing each other. His legs up on my
shoulder his tight rosebud there. I had the KY out already and I greased
up my finger. His legs now rested on my shoulder. he said "Kevin go easy
man. Hell I am just like a virgin girl, Never had this done before" I
said relax I am going to show you the best self sex ever. I touched to
his hole and rubbed the KY all around the outer lips then gently I let my
finger put more pressure on his hole. His cock had gone soft from the
nervousness of it. I pushed in more of my finger telling him to relax. he
closed his eyes as my finger came into his virgin hole.
My finger was now moving around up inside him and fucking in and out
of him. His bare feet now around my neck came together and locked on each
other as I sweet talked him and finger fucked his hot tight hole. I
looked and His cock was growing again. Jimmy was getting turned on by my
finger fucking in to him. I said "That's it jimmy just relax enjoy the
feelings and let me do the work or You. Yea jimmy I see Your big cock is
growing? Good that means Your body likes this treatment." His eyes still
closed his feet pressed on my neck as he said "Yea Kevin Wow I never
thought I could feel like this. Yea Wow thanks Man for showing me this"
My finger found his prostrate and was moving it all around each time he
moved more down on my finger loving the thrills my fucking was giving
him. I said "Yea that's it feels so good doesn't it my moving loli girls model pre that for
Jimmy moaned then said "Oh God Kevin Yea that is so hot, So really hot
man." His ass was moving in unison with my finger in his hole and his
feet pulling on the back of my neck as my finger worked his virgin hole.
I now was pushing in another finger. his eyes flew open and he looked at
me then he gave me a smile saying "Easy Bro. easy" i just nodded and the
second finger was in him fucking his hole spreading his Sphincter wide. I
made my move I took his big 7 inch cut cock into my free hand. he looked
at me and said "Oh Fuck Kevin lolitas collection top angel great man double the pleasure" I was
beating his man meat and said "Now this is between Us two Jimmy. Never
tell anybody Your Brother gave you a hand job" He had his eyes closed and
just shook his head saying No with that big easy grin on his handsome
face. I continued to fuck my fingers deep inside him while stroking his
wonderful cock. My own cock was throbbing like crazy as I held his strong
man meat feeling his cum leaking out and his ass pushing now on my three
In my sexiest voice I said "Jimmy You are spread so wide now I bet
you my hard bare dick could slide in you and You'd love it? Jimmy showed
all the teeth in his cute head and said "OK Kevin go ahead and try it
then" I greased up my 7 inch cock pulled the skin all back. Jimmy never
opened his eyes I pulled his feet from behind my neck and came up on top
of him. I was rubbing just the head of my cock on his hole. He must have
missed the fingers he said 'Come on Bro. I need it in my now" I pushed
and pushed at last with a pained look on his face his sphincter opened to
me and my cock head shot in all my big dick head was inside him now. I
pushed more more and I was half inside his hole now half my thick 7
inches inside him then more as he was pulling me to him with his feet.
All my 7 inches now inside my Blonde stud Brother's hole. We fucked him
pushing up on my bare fat rod. Me shoving my cock in and out of his tight
warm virgin ass hole.
Jimmy said eyes closed "Oh Kevin I maybe shouldn't say this but man I
love the feel of what You are doing man. It really feels so good Kevin
Dam I never knew I could feel so good. I feel like a girl must now when
She is getting cocked? I love your hard prick fucking me love your strong
handsome body on me Kevin"
I was giving his long strokes in slow pull outs in with 7 inches out with
7 inches my bare cock now riding www best lolitas com on his prostrate i said "Yea you like my
big dick inside that nice tight hole of Yours yea take my bare cock
fucking you man and My cock is going to cum a load inside you lolita nudes top sites hole man
now you are my pussy boy" He was beating his meat as i fucked him and he
screamed out "Oh Fuck yea Kevin I am your pussy boy now Yea fuck that big
bare cock of Yours into my pussy boy hole man Yea give me that load of
your cream man" he was now shooting all over us some even up on my lip
and he saw me lick his cum off my lip as I now pounded my prick into his
pussy slamming his hole then i tensed up and my load was releasing up
inside him filling him with my cum. My kid Brother now filled with my own
cum. I laid down on his strong chest we kissed our sweat and cum soaked
bodies on each other. Jimmy said "God Kevin promise me you'll do me like
this every day for the next two weeks man I loved it I don't care if that
makes me queer or what I just really lolitas nude photos loved your hard body fucking into me Kevin"
I kissed his saying "Jimmy I am queer man and I am going to let you fuck
that hot prick of Yours in my own tight male pussy and take Your load of
Next chapter "Jimmy's turn"If You liked the story or have ideas let me know by writing
State Your age for legal reason
Drop by the Agora some Friday for a chat
Kevin Kelly
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